December 16, 2009

Gastrocart:Denver's First Gourmet Street Cart

These days, visit New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, and you can easily eat your way through those cities without ever entering a restaurant. Street carts are providing upscale eats (entrees to desserts) from refurbished trucks and simple curb-side griddles. Los Angeles residents enjoy open-air Korean barbecue, and New Yorkers drop by the Dessert Truck for slow-baked apples and warm chocolate bread pudding.
But while gourmet street eats have boomed elsewhere, Denver has stayed relatively quiet. Until now. About a month ago, Mike Winston and Bryan Hume, former cooks at Table 6, opened Gastrocart on the corners of 18th and Curtis streets in Denver. The duo dishes up sophisticated, international snacks. Next time, you have a client meeting—or mid-day date—in Denver, head to Winston and Hume’s weekday, lunch-time only stand for specials like a corn crabcake sandwich on a sesame roll—or everyday options such as grilled lamb gyros or spicy chicken and kimchi tacos. The price is right ($3-$7)—and this is a great example of the Luxury Re-valued Culinary Shift.

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Cathryn Olchowy
Culinary Director

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