July 6, 2010

Connect to the Boulder Beer Community

With all the college bars and craft breweries in Boulder, beer drinking is easy. In one afternoon, you can pull up a seat at Avery Brewery, settle into a table at the Mountain Sun, or jump in a car and head to Lyons and Oscar Blues. Simple, right? And the good news is that all this suds sipping just got a lot easier--and more personal.

Earlier this summer, the West End Tavern launched the Boulder Brew Bus, a shuttle that tours three of the city's best breweries each Sunday evening. Hop on the bus (the very same that's used for Banjo Billy's Bus Tours), and head first to the state's newest microbrewery, Upslope Brewing Company, then to Twisted Pine Brewing Company, and finally to Avery Brewing Company. At each stop, sample beers, walk through the brewery, and meet brewmasters. You'll have a chance to try Upslope's legendary Pale and India ales and Avery's awarding-winning brews--and as you do, you can ask the brewmasters about the hops, fermentation process, and more. Access to Boulder beer--and its makers--has never been so simple.

For more information, click here or call 303-444-3535.

Kazia Jankowski
Associate Culinary Director

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