March 9, 2011

Food Revolution month kicks off with Robyn O'Brien

Last week SRG kicked off Food Revolution month, a series of events intended to educate and create debate and discussion within SRG about the numerous topics surrounding our food supply.
Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to be joined by Robyn O'Brien, author of The Unhealthy Truth. Robyn shared her story of starting as a food industry analyst on Wall Street, to becoming a busy mother of four who relied on familiar, processed, kid-targeted foods. When her youngest daughter developed a severe food allergy, it opened her eyes to the world of chemicals that exist in out food supply. Robyn dove in head first, applying her Wall Street-honed analytical skills to uncovering information about hormones used in meat and dairy farming, dyes and preservatives used in processed food and chemicals and genetically engineered materials used in farming.
Her discoveries not only changed her life and her family's, but they also inspired her to take a stand, educating others through her actions and empowering her to reach out to those in power to help spread the message and affect change. She is now on the forefront of this cause!
Learn more at her website -
--Christie Wood

Cathryn Olchowy
Culinary Director

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