May 13, 2011

Blog Pick: Fooducate

After our Food Revolution speaker-and-movie series, we got an influx of emails. We want to eat better food. One way to do that is to begin to better educate ourselves. For that there’s Fooducate, a blog and mobile app (pictured here) that breaks down what makes up the food on grocery store shelves.

The Fooducate blog offers regular updates on topics, like artificial colors, food allergies, and unfamiliar back-panel ingredients. But what’s even cooler is the Fooducate mobile app. For those moments when you’re grocery shopping and you can’t decide if a cereal has too much sugar—or not enough real fruit—pull out your smart phone and use the Fooducate app (available at the App Store) to scan the bar code. Fooducate will pull up a rating of the product as well as a list of product warnings (too much sugar, artificial ingredients, controversial additives). In seconds, you can decide if you’re dropping a product into your grocery cart or putting it back on the shelves.

-Kazia Jankowski

Kazia Jankowski
Associate Culinary Director

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