April 17, 2012

Reinventing Popcorn

Who doesn’t love a bowl of hot fluffy microwave popcorn? Delicious, right? But in recent years, there has been growing concern around some of the stuff that goes into those oh-so-convenient little envelopes.

For starters, many brands that tout “Butter” flavor use tropical oils, such as coconut or palm oils in their products, which are high in saturated and trans fats. Secondly, many manufacturers coat their popcorn bags with chemicals called fluorotelemers, which can break down in high heat and become carcinogenic. Thirdly and most notably, the ultimate nemesis of microwave popcorn is diacetyl, a chemical that gives microwave popcorn its golden color and that familiar buttery aroma. It can lead to coughing, reduced lung capacity and can even be fatal!

With all these things to worry about, you might think you need to swear off microwave popcorn for good, but not so! Quinn Popcorn has come to our rescue. All of their popcorn is organic and non-GMO. They also skip the plastic and chemical-coated bags and instead used all recycled, compostable paper products. And, rather than bad-for-you oils and artificial flavorings, Quinn uses all organic expeller-pressed oils and simple, all natural ingredients to craft their inspired flavors such as Parmesan & Rosemary and Vermont Maple & Sea Salt. So, popcorn lovers rejoice, it’s quite safe, and even good for you, to keep enjoying this high-fiber snack, put out by a company that has totally embraced the principles of the Food Revolution!

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--Christie Wood

Bryce Clark
Culinary Assistant

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