November 2, 2011

No Bitter Ending

For two and a half years Happy and The Bitter Bar have been a dueling duo; Asian comfort food in the day, classic American cocktails at night. Then Happy shut its doors to embrace its alter ego, The Bitter Bar. When the doors re-opened they revealed new furniture, a new menu, and even a stuffed bear with a top hat. The Bitter Bar now offers the same award winning classic and contemporary American craft cocktails by the same award winning bartenders and mixologists, but also incorporates delicious, straight-forward American small bites and decadent, intelligent, well-made desserts. Think Bratwurst with a pretzel bun, mead mustard, and napa kraut or Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts Leaves tossed with togarashi and sea salt. Or on the sweeter side, a Noosa Yogurt Cloud with hibiscus rose broth, pavlova, and honeyed tea pearls. All of which can be enjoyed while sitting on a couch straight from the scenes of Mad Men, cozy fire included. The Bitter Bar’s food and drink now seem to be a match that will leave you quite happy about a bitter transformation.

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Bryce Clark
Culinary Assistant

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