June 29, 2011

Boulder vs. Denver: Who Should Win?

Sazerac, The Bitter Bar
The recent issue of Sunset Magazine highlighted a foodie face-off between Boulder and Denver. Where Boulder is acknowledged for having a plethora of organic foods, chef-farmers, and the farmers market, Denver is recognized for attracting chef transplants and having international flavors available into the wee hours.

We definitely agreed with their assessment of places like The Bitter Bar, Black Cat, Civic Center EATS Outdoor Cafe, Marczyk’s Fine Foods, and Bones and far too many artisanal pizza places in Boulder. We were also excited to see a slew of notables from our Culinary Council including Hosea Rosenberg, Peggy Markel, Bradford Heap, Mark Stoddard and many others mentioned in the article. But, we thought one point lacked accuracy and may have skewed their final ruling, (not all Boulderites wear performance-fiber windbreakers and bike cleats to dinner).

The verdict; Sunset Magazine’s deemed Denver the winner by a mere 3 points. Who do you think should have won the food fight?

Bryce Clark
Culinary Assistant

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