June 21, 2011

Stock Up for Winter Now

Ok, you may have only been to the farmers’ market once (maybe twice) this year. So the last thing that you’re likely to be thinking about in these first days of summer is winter. But for a moment just imagine the first chilly day of December—and think how nice it would be as the snow comes down if you could eat the same locally grown cherries and Colorado beets that you’ve recently enjoyed.

That’s how MM Local, the hip local canning company that came to a First Friday lunch last year, is thinking. Right now as you are heading out to farmer’s markets, MM Local is beginning to work with local farmers to preserve the season’s best so that it can deliver Colorado produce to you in the cooler months.

MM Local has just launched its 2011 Harvest Share program—and this is a great way to ensure your access to local produce year-round. Sign up now, and in the fall you will get a delivery of preserved tomatoes, peaches, and more. (You can think of it like your winter CSA.) And good news some of its shares are on sale now!

Kazia Jankowski
Associate Culinary Director

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